What I Contributed

Into the Infinite was my second Workshop project of which was made in a 13-person team.

For Into the Infinite, I was one of the 3 members of the tech team on the project. Compared to my previous project, my role was more generalized given the limited amount of work spread which as a result meant i had to dip to my toes in a little bit of everything that was in the project. Features I've worked on ranged from making the functionality of weapons and their affixes to adding a management system in which additional unique functionality was used for the camera to work hand in hand with the game's combat and targeting. This project overall served as good practice in regards to making a game with an smaller tech team while also refining and adding onto the skills i acquired from the previous project.

My individual contributions are as follows 

  • Developed the core functionality of all weapon types and attributes.
  • Developed a modified camera management system for dynamic camera behavior.
  • Developed Core systems such as enemy and player spawning.
  • Implemented and assisted in developing individual AI behaviors for enemies.
  • Implemented additional functionality to player characters and controllers.

About the Game

Into the Infinite is a third-person Hack and Slash game in which the player takes control of Reno, a rebellious youth who is on the run from authorities for a crime they did not commit. Use Reno's watch to summon weapons from across time and space, ranging from simple bats and pistols to futuristic swords and demonic weaponry. With these weapons, Reno can push through waves of agents as Reno goes Into the Infinite to find the person responsible for these accusations.