What I Contributed

Sanguine Soul was my first workshop project of which was created by a 15-person team. 

For this project I was a gameplay programmer though besides  just gameplay programming I also was in charge of developing Enemy AI behaviors, Menu Systems, and various smaller implementations. This project served as a good learning opportunity because it was my first foray into Unreal and I came out feeling a lot more comfortable managing the blueprints system as well as C++.

My individual contributions are as follows

  • Developed core framework and functionality for all player abilities in the game.
  • Developed Enemy AI Behavior
  • Developed core gameplay menus used throughout game as well as  many of the game's UI functionality

About the Game


Sanguine Soul is a first-person shooter with elements of exploration that takes place in a middle-eastern inspired fantasy setting. Take the role of Maelun, a morally depraved tyrant knocked down from his place of power by the witch Noor. As he makes his way through a dark dungeon, an abandoned bazaar, and finally through his own palace, experience the magical prowess of Maelun as he siphons his very life-essence to strengthen his spells, use magical runes to defend against terrifying foes, and unleash destructive explosions with the snap of his fingers.