What I Contributed

Prism Breaker was a 5-person project created for Game Production at UCF during the spring of 2018. 

I was the tech lead for this project, which meant I had and was expected to create standards in which other members of the team would follow in regards to implementing code into the game. A lot was learned throughout this project and as a result I was able to refine my skills outside of gameplay programming by assisting the creation of AI for enemies and  even at one point created a 3-phase boss encounter with telegraphs and interesting abilities.

My individual contributions are as  follows

  • Developed all Abilities and Controls for the Player Character
  • Assisted in development of Enemy AI
  • Created a 3-phase Boss Encounter
  • Set up coding style standards for rest of team to follow

About the Game

Prism breaker is a 2D pixel-art action-platformer staring Chroma the Cat as he makes his way through the fortress of his arch enemy, Jet Onyx, who wishes to devoid the world of color. Chroma uses his color-swapping armor to gain abilities that help him traverse the villainous lair. Use the power of blue to spring twice midair, harness red to dash through foes and make chains, and manipulate yellow to form platforms to get across dangerous gaps, or even unleash the power of the Prism Breaker and use the full spectrum of his move set for a short period to gain the upper hand on Onyx and his minions!

Gameplay Video